Jun. 5th, 2013

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In his body is a thirst
Quenched by competition first
By the edge of knife and sword
Is the warrior explored

From the earnest of his motions
Are great passions and devotions
His are strong and quite astute
Clear of doubt and resolute

In his heart is where you'll find
That his character's aligned
With his vigor and control
That of honor is his goal
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His technique is great and bold
With machines it can be told
There is not another man
Knowing gadgets as he can

He constructs for you and me
Widgets of great artistry
With his hands and focused mind
Manifests the skillful kind

His is through the mechanized
That we know is greatly prized
It is far from automatic
Craftsman of the systematic
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He the joker plays the part
Making fooling quite the art
Jesting with a playful tone
His sharp wit is thusly shown

Speaking with a cheerful theme
Sometimes with a dopey scheme
Nonetheless a thoughtful fellow
Even when his mood is mellow

Oh the stories he recants
And the ways he often rants
Smiling widely with a grin
Its the fun we'll find him in
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He the cunning navigator
Is an adept conservator
Paths sincere he does surmise
Carefully he holds supplies

Working trades with great finesse
Each detail he does address
With great skill he does assure
That the methods are secure

Speaking frankly and direct
By his word is great respect
To his guidance we rely
And his zeal we can't deny


Jun. 5th, 2013 12:01 pm
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To my father and my mother,
In my world there is no other,
Quite as giving or as true,
Or as caring, as you two.

Even through the paths unknown
You make sure I'm not alone;
In the troubles and mistakes,
You are here for both our sakes.

Loving in so many ways
Always there to give me praise
Giving guidance and respect
Splendid that we do connect

Full of purpose and devotion
Sending you my deep emotion
I am greatful to be yours
Allies that this son adores

It's my heart I do express
That I wish great happiness
For our family and you both
Know this is my solemn oath


Jun. 5th, 2013 12:03 pm
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Nature is our greatest teacher
Spawning every living creature
Void of prejudice or guile
Leaves our world quite versatile

Freely giving, never taking
And continually making
All the wonders of the earth
We ourselves are of its birth

Lacking sorrow or compunction
Lends it to a greater function
That of living and of change
With the varied, and the strange


Jun. 5th, 2013 12:05 pm
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The hanging grapes upon the verdent vine
Throughout the many lands in which its grown
Becomes the charming drink that is called wine
Indeed its quite the venture to be known

For women and for men it has been made
It's inspiration to assembled masses
To drink and to enjoy is how it's stayed
As its gladly poured into the glasses

With pleasure we do find it is to drink
And though it can be quite the awful bane
It warms our hearts and makes us want to think
Into our hearts and minds it will remain

A soulful pleasure it will always be
A greatly blessed comfort unto thee


Jun. 5th, 2013 12:07 pm
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This is our great temptation
That comes from our intent
Into our inclination
It follows our descent

Of that which isnt mentioned
It speaks without a word
Within the heart contentioned
In this it is preferred

Without the clearest motive
Our game continues on
Inside our minds distortive
About what we will spawn

In truth there isn't much
That we will not include
In sight and smell and touch
And hear with attitude

The fun is in the guilt
We all construct about
The structures we have built
And things that we seek out


Jun. 5th, 2013 12:09 pm
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From darkened corners of my inner mind
With vicious hatred and a pain severe
Emmerges feelings of a beastly kind
That manifest from angst and greatest fear

From skin to bone they painfully create
A dwelling sense of fundamental grief
These adverse feelings they do not abate
They will maintain until I find relief

Frustration yeilds a vastly simpler thought
When its not found this feeling does abide
A semblance of control is what is sought
Within my heart resentment does reside

Its through acceptance of my feelings here
That I can live in balance without fear

The Spark

Jun. 5th, 2013 12:10 pm
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We write the tales of joy
Sharp words we do employ
From deep within the heart
The purpose of our part

We walk on virgin roads
And work in stranger modes.
With care we do progress
Despite the great distress

With passing of the times,
The poets and the rhymes
With love they do infuse
The blessings of the muse.

Around the world and back
We're kept along the track
By muses as they speak
They make the boldest meek

And blessed are the ones
That find her when she runs
In circles through our heads
While sleeping in our beds

In dreams is where she lives
Through inspiration gives
The words we hope to use
The blessing of the muse


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