Jan. 6th, 2019 02:31 pm
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Moonlight it shines ever brightly it glows on the edge of the basin
Hauntingly gazing The Moon through the dark with the light it does hasten
Darkened the depths of the water beneath it does shimmer with moonshine
Mirroring all the crepuscular features it sings to the skyline

Blowing the wind finds a path through the thicket of evergreen pine trees
Greenery turning to darkness it swallows the moonlight with great ease
Swaying and rocking the leaves and the branches they dance with a measure
Marking the coastline the forest it beckons the night beasts with pleasure

Pulling the tide as it fills up the heavens with luminous power
Reaching the peak of its monstrous potential upon the twelfth hour
Primal encompassing fear trepidation and curious urges
This does The Moon in the sky represent every night it emerges

The Dark

Jan. 3rd, 2019 10:23 am
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In this strange realm it seems there is no peace
A place where you’d not want to live or die
Above our heads the storms they do not cease
The darkened clouds they dominate the sky

But this the weather is not why I rue
I tell you now the world is not so flawed
It is in fact those mediocre few
That taint our world with pestilential fraud

The dark and grey reminds me of the heart
The nuances that life is really for
For all the pain in us that does depart
It still remains as memories evermore

Those people who engage in guile and hate
Who lie and steal our momentary bliss
They do not have a lonely, dreadful fate
Instead they have a life without abyss

The void is dark and has a lot to teach
Reminding us the meaning of our fears
By challenging perceptions out of reach
It shows us all is more than it appears

And through these lessons we embrace the night
We find a peace in things that are obscured
Though some react with ignorance and fright
We build upon the things that have endured


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